The Second Federation-Klingon War

The Khitomer Accords came to an abrupt end following revelations that the Undine had infiltrated the upper echelons of the Federation. The Klingons declared that because the Federation would not act, they either were already infiltrated or were welcoming it, and thus solved it in the method classic to the Empire: they declared war.

The war has effectively divided the galaxy in two. The Federation, as it always had, composed of an alliance of many species. The Klingons expanded their borders, bringing the gorn, nausicans, orion, and letheans under their sway.

The war has been fought to a standstill, and many lives have been claimed. While the Federation is loathe to do so, they have worked to counter the Klingon’s military superiority by building dedicated combat ships.

As it has progressed, both factions have hunkered down in their home sectors. As of yet, the Romulans remain a neutral but dangerous force. The Deferi are a neutral but equally supported by each side. Each side has also committed forces to the joint operation known as [[Task Force Omega: Battle Group Omega]] in the hopes of staving off the Borg.

Few victories have truly been achieved, and both sides have lost a great deal. Still, the war persists so long as the Undine remain at large.

The Second Federation-Klingon War

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